@WhoIsPule’s “Stay Afloat” reveals vulnerability on @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape

ATL alum Pule (@WhoIsPule) submitted one of the most poignant and personal tracks to @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape, “Stay Afloat”. Equipped with bars that the average joe can relate to, and a super catchy hook, we’re interested to hear more of what Pule has to say. “Stay Afloat” was one of the easier choices TheMixCrew had when narrowing down songs, as it provided a vulnerability that is sorely lacking in hip-hop today. Get to know more about @WhoIsPule below.

How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape?

I actually heard about it through my Frat bro @4nalyst. He was a fan of the series. And shout out A PHI A just because.

What is the story behind the song you submitted?

This is actually one of my dearest, and most personal songs. Honestly, this song was written in a Walmart parking lot after my debit card was declined for groceries. The concept “Stay Afloat” stemmed from the feeling of drowning in my current trials. I was finishing up college and financially, I wasn’t in the best place, nor was anyone in my family at the time. I mentioned much more of what was afflicting me, but the overall message was to endure and overcome the troubled waters by continuously staying afloat.

Musically, what is your creative process like?

My creative process varies simply because I begin to write wherever inspiration hits. As I mentioned, I thought of “Stay Afloat” in a ’98 Camaro, in a Walmart parking lot, with no money. I began writing immediately. I would jot down any bars I thought could be useful later. I hate losing good thoughts; they’re valuable. Later, I’ll come back to the thought, and hopefully catch inspiration to finish. Most of my album Who is PULE was written at work or in the car… I ALWAYS prefer in-studio writing, but for now I get it how I live.

Are there any artists you admire and respect that you draw influence from?

This question would take a week to thoroughly answer, but I’ve been influenced by so many artists it’s ridiculous. From Michael Jackson, to Gucci Mane, and so much in between. I love music down to the bone gristle! My background is unique so my ears are genreless. If I had to name Most influential in rap (minus the deceased legends), I would say Jigga, Kanye, DMX, Mase, Trick Daddy, Gucci Mane, Drake, Kendrick, J.Cole, OutKast, T.I , Future,… I can’t even finish.

Aside from music, are there other ways you express creativity?

I used to draw before I made music. I’m still decent. I like to say a lot with my clothing too. That has always been one of my favorite avenues of creativity. I’d feel incomplete If I didn’t have a sense of style. I’m also a fan of comedy so I create my own characters at times. You’ll see more of this soon.

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect a busy August /September/ October 2016 to say the least. I need the entire world to hear what I have to say, so I will focus on touching different soil and connecting globally.

Where can new fans learn more about you and your art?

Either my YouTube page or my SoundCloud, simply Google “WhoisPule soundcloud” or “Youtube” and find everything! Enjoy! And thanks to @TheMixCrew for the love!

You can stream @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment on Apple Music and Spotify. You can download the project for free on TheTwitterMixtape.bandcamp.com. Thank you for supporting indie artists!

Listen to “Stay Afloat” here: