@AmareSymone sings about heartbreak & redemption on #TheTwitterMixtape


Windy City transplant @AmareSymone submitted “Break Of Mind” for @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment. “Break” not only provides one of the best vocal performances on the project, but showcases some very solid songwriting as well. Amare has a style all her own, so get ready; she’s an artist on the verge.

How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape?

I heard about the #TheTwitterMixtape from my mom, my boyfriend, and another family friend. My boyfriend told me about it first but, I didn’t necessarily understand how huge it was, so I kind of disregarded it altogether. My mother called me one day following a screenshot via text. She told me I should definitely do it, and that it would be great for getting my music out to new ears. I started to reconsider. I knew it would be something important if two of the people I love were talking about it continuously.

What is the story behind the song you submitted?

I started my freshman year in college at Columbia College Chicago. I had finally begun to heal from a toxic relationship that plagued my senior year in high school. I was so bitter and angry, I didn’t understand how I kept surrounding myself with the same type of people who were detrimental to my well-being and growth. I was so blind by the bitterness, that I didn’t realize I had found love in my new best friend, a young artist who later became my boyfriend. He was always there and so nice to me; he reminded me that I was loved with every breath he took. Here, “Break of Mind” was born.

It is a song that I wrote for the outspoken, ambitious souls, who despite the conditioning of mass media, found self-love and pride in their own bodies. This is a song about what we deserve. I know what it is like to smile through the pain. I wanted to sing about the fear of being in a relationship, rather than falling in love, like Alice Walker wrote, “I want to rise in it.” It is a song about being young and ambitious, and meeting someone who is as fly and determined as you are.

“Break of Mind” is a play on the phrase “change of mind” because I believe that love can be born from friendships and be real or genuine. This was something I learned in my relationship. I wanted to show what breaking free from the idea that ‘real love’ is a manufactured commodity. My heart is not for sale and genuine people do exist. The song is about how one breaks the cycle of being afraid to love, and accepts the opportunity to allow someone new into their life, into their heart, and enjoy that experience. Sometimes we expect a tremendous amount of effort and love from a person within relationships, whether it is our love partners, friends, family, and we grow angry when we feel we aren’t treated the way we deserve. Often as a Black woman, I am so used to giving so many parts of myself to those who need it, sometimes forgetting that I need to hold onto myself, or I will have nothing. My art is a way in which I am fed in its giving. I feel whole, free, understood, and loved. I am so honored and in awe when people respond to me on how the music affects them. I feel like I have something to say and the world is finally listening.

Musically, what is your creative process like?

My creative process is a spontaneous experience because I am naturally creative. I was raised by poets, so instinctively, I will read and/or write a poem or rap (this is how my song, B.W.R was created). I love reading books, watching documentaries, movies, plays, going to art galleries, poetry open mics, and slams. I am in awe with all things that are related to art. I love going out to watch performances. Sometimes I will take a phrase from a conversation, song, thought, and/or tweet in order to create a song. I find inspiration everywhere and I make sure to use it. A lot of the time, I feel inspired at night right before I am about to go to sleep, so I make sure that I have my phone next to my bed so, I can type my thoughts before I lose them.

Are there any artists you admire and respect that you draw influence from?

Growing up I was heavily influenced by Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Eryn Allen Kane, and Nina Simone. I respect them because they are all very strong Black women with powerful voices, style, stage presence, and mesmerizing performance skills. I respect how Beyoncé is both a great singer, dancer, performer, and a smart businesswoman. I appreciate that she uses her platform to freely express herself, and spread a message because she has the power to make a change within society due to her large fan base. I remember being a kid watching Beyoncé’s music videos and live performances, over and over. I would practice her songs continuously! I taught myself how to do rifts and runs by practicing those that I heard within her songs. I looked up to Alicia Keys heavily as well because she could play instruments, and sing. Also, she’s from my city, and she attended the same high school as me. When I was born I was given the middle name Symone; my mother had named me after one of her favorite singer, Nina Simone. Since I’m also heavily inspired by Beyoncé, I put an accent over the “e” of my name. Thus creating my stage name, Amare Symoné.

Aside from music, are there other ways you express creativity?

I often express my creativity in other forms of art. I love sewing, creating DIY fashion, playing my ukulele, dancing, acting, and traveling. I like to read and research new found information I often run into daily. I relate research I have done into my artwork whether it be music, or anything else for that matter. I focus on exercising, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and becoming stronger to be a well-rounded individual.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Currently, I am working on finishing up my new EP. I am so excited to announce that my project, Glass Windows EP will be released in the Fall. I have been working really hard to make sure it is something I will be proud of years later. I hope my music reflects what I stand for and who I am as an artist. I hope to be able to tour across the world; I want to perform my music with those who cherish it. I will continue on with my educational journey for a BA in Music Business, and thereafter I will obtain a Master’s Degree in whatever I choose. Until then, I am just living and working really hard while keeping a “360 maintain” mentality.

Where can new fans learn more about you and your art?

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @AmareSymone.

Thank you so much for the support, and I hope you all stick around to hear my new

project, Glass Windows EP, coming this Fall!

You can stream @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment on Apple Music and Spotify. You can download the project for free on TheTwitterMixtape.bandcamp.com. Thank you for supporting indie artists!

Listen to “Break Of Mind” below: