Sylvan LaCue charts a new course with “Goodnight Goodbye” and “Hello, Good Morning”

Goodnight Goodbye

“In these times, I figured we could use some healing.”

Sylvan LaCue uses his rhymes for a higher purpose on his two new releases, “Goodnight Goodbye” and “Hello, Good Morning.” “Goodnight Goodbye” is the more emphatic of the two, featuring driving, piano-laden production from Fortune and Gravez.

The Miami-based emcee delivers a thoughtful call for justice, highlighting the unfair way that our people are being targeted. On the flip side, “Hello, Good Morning” takes on a more comforting tone. Sylvan provides his own backup vocals, as he promises that the tougher days will “pass you by.”

Stream “Goodnight Goodbye” and “Hello, Good Morning” below.

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