The Gucci Mane Clone Theory Revealed

The Gucci Mane Clone Theory: Fact or Fiction?

Is the Gucci Mane clone theory true? Is there a new Guwop walking among us? Let’s proceed with caution.

The internet has been ripe with discussion about the Gucci Mane clone theory, as of late. This is not a game, folks. Much to the delight of fans everywhere, the Atlanta superstar is walking this Earth as a free man once more, but a lot of things have changed. Some say he’s simply made lifestyle changes for the better, while others see it as something more sinister and government conspiracy theory-friendly. Gucci emerged from prison with a six pack, which was shocking in itself. Could this be the same Radric Delantic Davis who we saw taken away from us to prison back in 2014?

Rumors have been swirling. False quotes by associates fueled the fire, and he sparked things up once more with a video for “First Day Out The Feds” that literally included Gucci Mane clones. Either this was satire, or the man was giving us a message. It even seems as though the man has changed the way that he speaks and carries himself as well. Could this be a more clear-headed, sharper Gucci who has cut back on his infamous cough syrup addiction, or is it something more benign?

This discussion came to a head again tonight when it was revealed that Guwop will be headlining an “All Lives Matter” concert in Mississippi. The “All Lives Matter” statement has generally been associated with snarky, inconsiderate retorts to the “Black Lives Matter,” a necessary movement to affirm the lives of black people who

There’s no way the Gucci we know and love would be involved in such an event, is there?

Examine our exclusive behind the scenes footage and decide for yourself.

Illustrated by Blake Showers. Written by Ira Hobbs (Blavity’s Resident Blerd).