Premiere: Lost Club chops up Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” for “Mula”


You may have seen Lege Kale featured on Artistic Manifesto in the past. The Columbus, Ohio-based producer has a knack for lush melodies and innovative percussion patterns that quickly captured our attention. Lege is on a new wave these days, as he’s teamed up with his younger brother Ordnry Yngstr to form a group known as Lost Club.

Their first release, “Mula,” features some vocals from Lil Wayne’s iconic “A Milli,” layered over top of an intriguing, futuristic soundscape.  We’re happy to be premiering Lost Club’s first release today. Stream “Mula” below, and learn more about them via a short interview afterwards.

Who is Lost Club?
Lost Club is an Experimental Duo comprised of Lege Kale, And Ordnry Yngstr. We mainly wanted to have a place for anyone to go and feel at home when they’re feeling lost or down. Like hey you’re day may have sucked today but come jam out to some tunes and feel at peace. Second, we want this to become a movement, so that everyone far and wide can know that the Lost Club is always there for anyone who needs us, even if we can’t physically be there with them.

Which city do you rep?

We launched Lost Club out of Atlanta on a trip earlier this year. Originally hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Still repping and based out of Columbus.

What was the process to create “Mula”?
It started with Jayden (Ordnry Yngstr) laying down the bass sounds, chopping and screwing the sample “A Milli” By Lil Wayne. Then I went in and added additional chords and melodies, and hard hitting drums. We also love going over the tracks a lot of times to add small details here and there, as well as little interesting samples (Listen closely, we sampled something from spongebob (; )

A Manifesto is a declaration of intents and principles. What is your Artistic Manifesto?
Lost Club’s Artistic Manifesto is that you are never truly lost when you got the right people on your team. What this means is that as long as you and all of your teammates/friends have the most genuine connections, there will always be progress, success and prosperity to what you’re trying to accomplish. Nothing is unattainable with the right people there.