Ill Poetic reflects on the beauty of love with ‘The Silhouette Project’

the silhouette project

“Love ain’t pretty, but it’s beautiful,” Ohio emcee Ill Poetic rhymes on his newest release, The Silhouette Project.

I take that line to be a cliff notes version of the short project with ambitious aims. Love is, by many accounts, unable to be defined absolutely. Music across time is full of love songs, it’s perhaps one of the biggest common denominators across genres.

The Silhouette Project is a melodic exploration into love as a blissful state of being and a lifelong commitment to be worked towards. It is a many-sided reflection on love in its endless manifestations, from a step-father’s love for his partner’s child, to an old married couple’s mature, life-long love in helping each other at the hospital. It’s honest, musical and mature; soak in Ill Poetic’s latest below.