Joose Waited 10 Years to Rap on “Murray Hill” (Premiere)

Murray Hill

Joose‘s verses are full of clever wordplay and vivid metaphors, but the most important thing is how well it flows together. The Michigan native’s delivery is as smooth and precise as ever on his latest drop, “Murray Hill,” which we are happy to be premiering today. The title is a reference to the street Joose lived on during his time spent in Detroit, and the lyrics itself .

This isn’t a run of the mill release; as Joose explains, “this was a special one. I held onto this beat for ten years until I felt that I was dope enough to wrestle with it.” We believe him. “Murray Hill” feels like a lyrical showcase, as we’re treated to almost three minutes of Joose’s creative, unorthodox delivery. Not many emcees dedicate themselves to this level of precision.

Mozaic really paints a picture with the instrumentation on this one, to the point that I can imagine someone riding off into the sunset as the samples loop. The soulful soundscape serves as the perfect backdrop.  Look for Joose to release a new EP some time this summer, and stream “Murray Hill” below.

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