Kanye West Collides with Beethoven for Yeethoven


Kanye West. Iconic. Beethoven. Iconic. Similar? Hold the phone. While we wouldn’t typically associate the two, the gap was bridged in the minds of many with the arrival of a new concert in Los Angeles called Yeethoven. The trailer video explains:

“You wouldn’t intuitively think of Beethoven and Kanye West as being similar musicians. Obviously they work within very different traditions, but if you listen a little closer you’ll notice a lot of similarities – their brashness, breeding wild contrast and thrashing juxtapositions within a single bar of music. Their willingness to ruthlessly upend tradition and their influence on the larger culture.”

The entire concept was envisioned by composer Stephen Feigenbaum, and executed with the help of a 70 piece orchestra. Watch the trailer for the show below, and check out performances of “Blood On The Leaves” and “New Slaves” afterwards.