Peter Sun Drops Unmastered Loosie “L’HOMME”

Peter Sun - "L'HOMME"

Not usually one to publicly boast or talk himself up in his music, Richmond artist Peter Sun decided to something different on his latest track, “L’HOMME.” But this isn’t your normal boom-bap boast track. No, this track is still quintessentially Peter Sun.

Humble, yet aware of his rising star, Sun compares how he’s feeling to what to what Jose Canseco, Michael Jordan, and Deion Sanders may have felt on their rises to stardom. On the surface, it may seem like a tall order – but in Peter Sun’s eyes, to be the man you gotta beat the man. Might as well shoot for the stars.

This man has been rolling out this hits lately, and “L’HOMME” is no exception. Be sure to catch Peter Sun on select tour stops with Felly and GYYPS this spring.