Enjoy Craft Beer & Visual Art at “Arts and Crafts” on April 2 (D.C. Event)

arts and crafts

There’s a new event happening in Washington, D.C. on April 2nd. It’s called Arts and Crafts, but not in the way that you’re thinking. We’re talking craft beers here, people. The good people over at NSFW Events, the brains behind events such as Bourbon Ball, cordially invite you to come out for four hours of visual art, live performances, and craft beers. Tickets can be purchase here.

Enjoy carefully curated art and jewelry displays and get interactive at the body paint booth. While you’re enjoying the creative displays, you’ll also be able to enjoy live performances by Matt McGhee, rMell, Haile Supreme, D. Ment. It., CooLots, Maliywa, and I-Know Brasco. You might recognize some of these names if you’ve been following Artistic Manifesto for a while.

Admission to the event includes full size craft beer pints from local and national brewmasters such as Stella Artois, 7 Locks Brewing, and Jail Break Brewing Company.

Time: April 2, 2016; 6-10PM EST.
Location: Blind Whino: 700 Delaware Ave SE, Washington, DC 20024
Tickets: Eventbrite

In regards to the event, Corn of NSFW Events had this to say:

“I want to expose people to amazing artists of all types to my audience while showcasing craft beer. NSFW has become the group that everyone depends on for the mature vibe. People dress up for events like Bourbon Ball, but at the same time we’re going to show you that we can create a fun, vibrant, party atmosphere as well. We’re going to expose younger artists to a new audience that you wouldn’t normally find at a showcase.

The event is being held at Blind Whino, which is actually a reformed church building covered in graffiti. To me, that symbolizes change. A church building doesn’t always have to be a church. Art exhibits don’t have to be somber and quiet. I can appreciate a painting in a more festive environment. Maybe you don’t identify with Van Gogh, but there are other visual artists you’d be able to appreciate from your perspective. I want everyday people to be able to identify with this event.”