Four Things You Have To Control

Four Things You Have To Control

There are certain things in life that we truly have no control over. At times we get so accustomed to thinking we can’t control something that we end up using it as an excuse to not control things we can actually change and monitor.

Here are four things that you can change for the better.

1. Your emotions.
You are in complete control of your emotions. You allow that anger to happen. You block that feeling of love and trust from happening. Stop allowing others to dictate what you feel and you’ll begin to live life with less excuses.

2. Your reactions.
It does not matter how you were raised, what is being said, what is being done, or what is being written. Your reaction is controlled by you, and you only. We’ve all been in situations where our reactions seem natural. To a certain point they are. You have the ability to change this. As stated in number one, you control everything about yourself mentally, including the thoughts you have prior to any reaction. It’s time to look on both sides of the fence and compromise.

3. Your future.
Where you are currently positioned in life is irrelevant to where you’re going if your plan is intact and your work ethic is in overdrive. Sure, we all run into obstacles that may set us back a bit, but what can really be stronger than you and your dreams? Nothing.

4. Your attitude.
We all have an attitude of some sort. Usually, we hear the word and assume it’s a negative thing. Nah. Your attitude towards life and towards others must always be admirable. People love others who have an intoxicating attitude and personality. Wake up every morning with a smile, knowing you’re been blessed with another day and the opportunity to make sh*t happen, my pals.

After you read this, I hope you dig deep and realize that you can easily survive and overcome life’s uncontrollable bullsh*t, the same way Will Smith did in The Pursuit of Happiness.