Stream orgenA’s Triumphant, Reflective “Vysine”


A few words to describe orgenA‘s “Vysine”: refreshing, dynamic, melodic, catchy, reflective. A talented Los Angeles native based out of Chicago, he has a voice and delivery that lend themselves well to a style that fluctuates between rapping and singing with ease. The subject matter also fluctuates, switching back and forth between personal reflections and politically inclined reflections that apply to society as a whole.

In regards to his unique name, orgenA told 1833 this:

“It’s as simple as it is complex. The name represents me in the sense that, when read backwards, it spells A negro. The more I delve into my creation, the more aware I become of my blackness – of my being a Negro both in my society and within myself. In a separate aspect – I represent my generation. A generation building itself in arguably the most backwards yet capable society on this globe. So, it only made more sense that the true meaning of the name was better understood when read backwards.”

We’ll definitely be looking out for more from orgenA in the near future. Stream “VYSINE” below.