Jai Lombardi Represents the Broken-Hearted with “H.E.R.”

jai lombardi

“Cause when we all alone I just can’t tell us apart but when you out with friends I feel the coldness in your heart.”

You can hear the cries from the 808’s in Jai Lombardi’s new track, “H.E.R.” (Hopefully Everything’s Real) throughout the Starbucks I’m in as I write this. Soccer moms sipping Caramel Macchiatos are staring at me with extreme bounce in their shoulders.

“HER, HER, HER. Riding low, sipping lean, yeah, I’m gon’ get it.”

Produced by Jai himself, the song utilizes a short Aaliyah sample with very wavy sounds and rhythm, and speaks on the hardships of having trust issues when you’re in a relationship. Keeping it simple and straight forward, Jai claims that a bottle of Hennessy may be the best solution to this, and any argument.

Hailing from the northern region of Virginia, Jai Lombardi plays off of a bounce sound, yet seems to be inspired by mid to early 90’s of R&B music. When asked about any future projects or upcoming releases, Jai Lombardi directed me to his SoundCloud where a few other tracks were released within the last week. With a project in the work called Sincerely Winter, it looks as if Virginia may have a new sound to represent the area pretty soon.

Stream “H.E.R.” below.