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Levi Carter is Ready to Make Waves in Virginia and Beyond

I believe one of the major things that separates the indie artist from the mainstream artist is quality. There’s a certain sound quality we need in order to enjoy this body of work and without it, it becomes less relevant to our well curated playlist. If you’ve ever heard the term “quality over quantity,” this is where Parkchester, Bronx native Levi Carter shines.

With a father in the military, Levi was brought down to Portsmouth, Virginia, where he grew a passion for music and the streets. This also explains a lot of his sound. I have this ongoing argument with random Twitter politicos that Virginia is indeed the south. That being said, when you take this young artist from The Bronx and raise him in Virginia, you unknowingly help this person to experience many different cultures and vibes.

When asked about his sound not being the traditional NYC sound and if Virginia has a sound or vibe, Levi replied with “Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about a New York sound. It doesn’t change the fact that I was raised there. Virginia doesn’t have a sound. There’s a lot of people that’s aren’t from here so it’s up to them to create their own sound.”

I ran into Levi Carter as I was browsing SoundCloud, looking for new talent to write about and support. I believe the first track I listened to was “You Not Gang” and if my memory serves me correct, I may have listened to the song at least twenty five and a half times. Maybe twenty five and three quarters, if we’re being completely honest. After a little more listening to A N T I S O C I A L, a short EP premiered by Complex on February 4th, I felt like Levi Carter would already be too big to be reached.

I made a couple of calls and sent out a few tweets to try and get in contact with Levi and within minutes we were messaging each other. To my surprise, he’s not huge or out of reach yet. He’s not a big time local artist who doesn’t respond to tweets or messages. In fact, after I tweeted him a question, he personally DM’ed me the answer. This showed me what type of guy Levi is. He was literally moving back to NYC in the middle of me contacting him. But what is it that makes him sound so professional? Why did I assume he’s already on the map?


Levi Carter’s quality is amazing. His production, track order, adlibs, simplicity, and catchy lyrics are simply fire.

The A N T I S O C I A L EP features production from RXLVND, Icy Twat, Digital Nas, and others. Brandishing nine tracks, this project is the perfect mixture between the feeling you get when you’re counting your re-up money and organizing your iTunes library while syncing your iPhone. My personal choice of the EP’s stand-out tracks are “You Not Gang,” “My Safe,” and “Hella Sauce,” all of which can either be played in your newly renovated traphouse or during your 2 AM drive with a woman who resembles Topanga.

Why am I personally interested in Levi Carter’s career?

The wave.

We all carry our own dictionary to other people’s vocabulary and to me, the word wave is a vibe. It’s a vibe that’s undeniable. I asked multiple people to check out “You Not Gang” and “My Safe” and each one replied with “Where did you find this guy?,” “Yo! He can really do it for Virginia,” and other positive responses. A few did mention his similarities to Shy Glizzy, Kodak Black, and other currently poppin’ artist but as I always say, you’ll always be compared to someone as you’re coming up. It’s up to you to change their opinion. I believe Levi Carter has every intention of staying around and prompting his audience to support him on an even deeper level.

“I always say my music is like next level galaxy traphouse shit but I got a feel good vibe to it that makes you want to just get up and bob to it” – Levi Carter.

Carmelo “Mellzy” Sanchez is born again, and has dedicated his life to raising the bar one wave at a time. Stay jiggy. Ask him about his younger creative self, and you might hear some stories you’ll never forget.
Catch Levi Carter on Twitter, Instagram, or SoundCloud. Keep an eye out for his work in the near future. Stream A N T I S O C I A L below.

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