Peter Sun Drops a Pair Of Smooth Gems, “Smells Like Sunflowers” & “Vibes”

Richmond, Virginia’s own Peter Sun has been on a roll lately after breaking his hiatus with “Tropicana” back in November. Over the course of this long weekend, he dropped two tracks (a feature and one of his own) that saw him dive deeper into his lyrical arena.

“Never mind people saying it’s fine, it all gets better in time but how long that take? I know that patience is a virtue – but fuck, how long I gotta wait?”

“Smells Like Sunflowers” puts Sun in a featuring role on 16-year-old Chicago producer Tim Aspan’s beat. The spacey, simple beat perfectly complements the emcee’s tone — one that’s more harsh, yet determined, then most of his recent work. The song is about taking things into your own hands, and no longer “watching everybody get a plate” and waiting for your moment to come to you.

“The choice is put to you simple, my n*gga don’t take it personal — I work with what I was given. Dirt and a couple seeds, some soil and a pot to piss in.”

On “VIBES//KALBELIYA” Sun gives a big “F you” to the bad vibes. Exes, violence, racism — all the bad vibes. FlyBlimp built the beat up to match the frustration as Sun goes from passive to dismissive of all the negativity.

Peter Sun has been delivering the laid back goodness for a while now, but his lyrical evolution and maturity is starting to shine through more than ever before. Don’t miss “Smells Like Sunflowers” or “VIBES//KALBELIYA” — check out the streams below.