A Letter To My Younger Creative Self

A Letter To My Younger Creative Self

To Whom It May Concern,

I know you’ll probably read this and won’t agree with half of the things I’m saying. You may not even care for anything being said, but I ask that you read it through and think about it, because it’s coming from someone who cares about you more than you’ll ever understand.

You’re so young and creative. You don’t care for much except living life, even if that means constant mistakes. That’s okay. Those same mistakes will mold you into the person you’re aiming to be one day. You may not know this now ,but you’ll be great, although your definition of “being great” will change dramatically in your forthcoming years.

Stop stressing so much! That money you want is going to come thousands of times and you’ll rarely even realize it until it’s too late. Cherish it. Save it. Remember that those little things you want are all attainable, but you don’t need them. Yes, you deserve everything you desire, but not everything is beneficial. I’m sure your family has told you money isn’t everything and it’s true, it really isn’t. I know when it comes from your mother it doesn’t seem like it’s true but it is. Listen to her every now and then.

You and your friends are doing a lot of experimenting. You might be doing a lot of hustling, legally or illegally. Listen. You’re going to learn one way or another but the important thing is to learn. Try to relax some times and think things through so you can learn from other peoples mistakes and avoid making your own. You have this certain shine to you that no one else possess. I hope you know that. You’re at that age where you see your friends going off to, or graduating from college. Some may be having children and getting engaged. You’re probably sitting there wondering where you went wrong. STOP. You chose a different, more difficult road because you were built for the obstacles that come with it. Not everyone is meant for this but you are.

So many friendships are being taken for granted while others are being tarnished by simple miscommunication. Talk to the ones you love, make sure they know how you feel, and more importantly, make sure you understand how they feel. Don’t ever let it get to a point where you begin to miss someone and can’t even remember why you lost touch with them. Relationships are golden. Some may glitter but may not be worth much. It’ll be hard to really tell the difference, and some times it’ll even take pain to differentiate the two, but when you do, don’t be upset. The ones that were able to stick around are the one’s that will always be there, always.

Love is real. Don’t let these crazy social networks and rumors in school deter you from falling in love. There’s no bad outcome. Sure, there may be a bit of anger and resentment but it’ll make the next situation a lot better. If you allow it to. What the previous person did or didn’t do should never be a reflection of the new person in your life. And that goes for love, friendships, partnerships, and work.

Don’t be so negative.

Don’t be so arrogant.

Don’t be so scared that you miss an amazing opportunity.

Be curious.

Be creative.

Be so strong that you inspire others to chase their dreams.

Trust in yourself. Trust in your art. Trust in your mind. In case no one’s told you recently, your mind is absolutely beautiful and everyone will notice your genius soon enough.

Stay down, youngin’. Your wave will come and when it does, it’ll last forever.

Yours truly,


Carmelo “Mellzy” Sanchez is born again, and has dedicated his life to raising the bar one wave at a time. Stay jiggy. Ask him about his younger creative self, and you might hear some stories you’ll never forget.

A Letter To My Younger Creative Self