The Unknown Knowns of 9021BLOW: A Mysterious Rising Star

“I’m finna try some new pussy today.”

This sounds like something you’d text your girl to keep her from getting comfortable and not getting her eyebrows done but nah, it’s actually one of the first lines in 9021BLOW‘s (Yes, just like the zipcode, my pals) recently released track, “Carried Away.” The California influence in the production and rhythm brings me back to The Wood when Mike first moved to California and got dared to grab Alicia’s ass by Slim and Roland.

But who is this 9021BLOW?!

It was Saturday morning. The snow in Virginia wasn’t stopping any time soon and I had already finished 96% of the groceries I had purchased for the storm. I was feeling mad washed after having a complete conversation with my mother via iMessage when I ran across an artist on Soundcloud by the name of 9021BLOW. Oh? I must listen.

The first song I listened to was the very catchy, upbeat song called “My Baby.” This song is literally the soundtrack to the life of every soul who aspires to move to Los Angeles and forget about all their east coast responsibilities. Shortly after checking it out, I noticed it was being tweeted by the likes of Diddy, Lil Wayne, and many more. What’s the connection? I have absolutely no idea but this made me listen even more so I did some investigating.

After I did a little Instagram research, I was surprised to realize he was once known as Yeah Lano, real name Delano Brown, a very talented visual artist who began painting colorful fish all over Timberlands, furniture, and now even has them on Lamborghinis, Moet bottles, and anything you’d risk over drafting your bank account on just to purchase. He’s originally from Baltimore and used to do a lot of art installations in the DMV, Miami, and California.

The New York Times had this to say about him in 2013: “his work updates and inverts the early 2000s hip-hop movement of customizing accessible items with high-fashion accents (which itself was an extension of the Dapper Dan model of luxury reappropriation). Where Mr. Brown differs is his starting point: he’s not applying luxury to everyday pieces but, rather, beginning with luxury and giving it an insouciant twist. It pays homage to the fashion, while also suggesting that the wearer, and the painter, know better.”



Other than being currently tied to Dade County and having famous friends, there’s not much information about 9021BLOW’s current phase. He seems to have a murky past, as a few different sources described him as a scammer for failing to send purchased items to customers in the past. Are these sources reputable? That’s up in the air, but they’re not isolated. There’s something more to the story that we don’t have the full scoop on.

His Instagram, doesn’t promote anything music related but his bio reads “IM SMART YOU’RE DUMB” with a link to his Soundcloud and very dope pictures with celebrities, tattoo sessions, and artwork. The first post on his Instagram, a picture of a dog in a painted coat, was posted about 40 weeks ago- less than a year ago.  Even considering the apparent shakiness of his origins, something tells me that with Lil Wayne having already tweeted his SoundCloud link, we’ll be hearing a lot more from 9021BLOW.

What do I rate “My Baby” and “Carried Away”? On a scale of 1 to fresh out of the barber shop, I give both tracks a good half a tank of gas and a fresh shape up.


Listen to more 9021BLOW music via SoundCloud.

Carmelo “Mellzy” Sanchez is born again, and has dedicated his life to raising the bar one wave at a time. Stay jiggy.