McKinley Dixon Looks Forward On “The Outro Song,” Featuring Cornel West (Premiere)

mckinley dixon

Richmond resident McKinley Dixon has a vision different than that of many of his musical peers. He puts this vision to great use on “The Outro Song,” focusing on the future with the help of beautiful instrumentation and lush production. As a student at Virginia Commonwealth, McKinley frequently finds himself amongst a diverse group of creative peers. He puts some of his peers to use throughout “The Outro Song,” a reflective song that features spoken word by the one and only Dr. Cornel West.

The Loop Snatchers-produced cut features Andrea Capobianco on the violin and Laura Seabourne on the harp. McKinley wrestles with thoughts of what he wants to do with his life, and incorporates the voices of his friends as they state their various career aspirations. Dr. West’s words flow smoothly in conjunction with the song’s jazzy vibes.  Look for more information on McKinley’s Who Taught You To Hate Yourself? project in the near future. We’re happy to be premiering “The Outro Song” below.