Curbside Jones Unleashes The ‘Digital Boogie Man’

Digital Boogie Man

Austin artist/producer Curbside Jones has released his technologically-inspired concept project, Digital Boogie Man. “Clever” is an understatement. With an array of samples to get vision across, he takes us on journey into our very own addiction to information and technology.

Digital Boogie Man is the first in a two-part series. It is a concept EP based around the “Digital Boogie Man” who is a manifestation of our infatuation with technology. This is the lighter of the two parts focusing mainly on our interactions that happen behind a screen, hence the cellphone on the cover. Curbside Jones touches on topics such as texting and driving, becoming “one” with your mobile device, hiding feelings behind a keyboard or phone screen, and more.

Curbside Jones recruits producers Corey Arnell and SPELLWRKS to help him put together the 8 track EP. The only guest verse on the project comes from Austin Texas emcee Pliny Science on “Dowloaded [Read]” which we premiered previously.

Physical album pre-orders and t-shirts are available via bandcamp.