Curbside Jones Premieres “Downloaded [Read]” ft. Pliny Science

Downloaded [Read]

Ahead of his upcoming Digital Boogie Man EP, Austin, Texas, artist Curbside Jones continues his promo run with a new release. Today, we premiere and give you “Downloaded”. This is a real treat because it’s a bonus  track and originally wasn’t going to be included on the project.

Sonically, “Downloaded” fits right in with the project’s concept, overall, with its digital/technological themes and elements. The song was personally produced by Curbside Jones and it also features Ausitn rapper, Pliny Science. Their verses are the thoughts and ideals of the local artists who try to divide the scene with their toxic egos via social media. Basically, they summed up how rappers in their local scene act and talk about themselves and made a diss song to those mentalities. It’s clever, genuine, and allows them to express how they feel about the environment they are surrounded by. It sounds like a good idea to me.

Stream “Downloaded” below.