CHCKLK Releases An Interpretive And Introspective Video For “Young Boy”

young boy

CHCKLK has dropped the visuals for “Young Boy” and it is dark, melodious, and introspective. We find the lead of the video stumbling through a neighborhood after clearly being injured, shirt bloodied and all. It’s a tale of choices and we’re hoping this is just a piece of a bigger story.

“This is the story of a young boy who grew into a young man/ who grew into his own skin, didn’t choose the game but it chose him”

“Young Boy,” CHCKLK explained in an email to The FADER, “is like a portal into understanding my outlook on life, which is always double-sided. It’s the fork in the road that I always find myself revisiting. Do I want to continue to chase success, which could inevitably mean the erosion of my values and everything I stand for? Or do I skip on any chance of living comfortably, and fight for the beliefs of myself and others. It’s like the old proverb: there are two wolves inside us all. Which one wins? The one you feed.”

Watch the “Young Boy” video below.