Deverano – “November”


This song is truly a strive for love. In “November”, Deverano yearns for love from his romantic interest, but doesn’t seem to have made the whole connection. He is convinced that it is destiny for them to be together, but perhaps they don’t see eye to eye on the matter. Maybe he is wrong and they aren’t meant to be together, ultimately. Is it wrong for him to hold on to hope? Is it wrong for any of us to do so? Sometimes it is all we have.

Can’t you remember this exact feeling and sentiment? It all feels so meant to be, however, all the pieces never seem to fall into place and it just does not make any sense to you. You experience this dissonance with reality because how is it possible that what seemed to be so right turns out to be…not so much?

Producers Izzard and Alicks create an echoey, far away feeling full of reverb which fits the song’s content perfectly. They capture the future soul vibe that has a chilling yet powerful soundscape all the while giving Deverano room to tell his rhythmic tale full of blues and optimism at the same time.

“Why do we have to play these little cat and mouse games, clearly you don’t feel the same/Do you feel some type of way, is it something that I said or is it me that you’re ashamed of”

Stream “November” below.