Jay Rock – “Money Trees Deuce”

Money Trees Deuce

“If you hold me back from pursuing, ain’t no coming back.”

Jay Rock revisits one of his most impactful guest verses with “Money Trees Deuce,” a song remodeled after Kendrick Lamar‘s “Money Trees.” The California veteran sounds as seasoned and experienced as ever over jazzy Flippa production. He continues to show his hunger for success, and survival in the greater scheme of things.

Unlike the original “Money Trees,” Jay stands alone as he hammers his points home, one by one. This song almost feels like a metaphor for his career as of late, as he continues to weather the uncertainties and difficulties that seem to plague him in regards to the release of his album, which many would deem overdue. It seems clear that Jay is determined to continue chasing money trees despite the difficulties.

Stream “Money Trees Deuce” below.