casualwzrd – “zypherus… wind god wylin'”


If any track were to be given the title of an endearing musical journey, this would be that track. Kief Ericson, also known as “casualwzrd,” delivers a beautiful composition of intriguing synth and percussive arrangements in his latest track entitled “zypherus… wind god wylin’.” A snappy snare and incredibly mixed kick drum guide the track on top of a rhythmic festivity of progressive instrumentation and heavy sound effects. This beatsmith has begun to develop a Mr. Carmack-esque touch and with an extensive discography of singles ranging from electronic jazz boom bap to synth pop cloud-trap, this producer has various skill sets awaiting in his arsenal of creation and never fails to impress. If you’re looking for the next Flying Lotus, XXYYXX, Mr. Carmack, etc. this is the artist you need to seek out. Stream “zypherus… wind god wylin'” below.