Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz Is Ready To Make His Mark (Interview)

I recently came across Charlotte, North Carolina native Brent Faiyaz, and I have to say that I was impressed. After listening to his brief, three-song catalog, it becomes apparent that Brent might have something special. While singles like “Allure” will draw comparisons to Miguel, other songs like “Running on E” are reminiscent of crooners like JMSN. Don’t let these comparisons fool you. Brent Faiyaz has found a way to showcase his own sound and individuality in his music. Read more about Brent in our exclusive interview below.

Your most recent release, “Allure,” has been getting a lot of press as of late. What was the inspiration behind the creative process of this song?
I really don’t know man. I rarely have a song topic before going into recording. It’s super organic. I made the beat, and from there I just went in and started recording my vocals piece by piece. No notepads or anything. That’s pretty much how I make all of my music. I like to start with a blank canvas.

You are currently based out Charlotte, North Carolina but you have roots in Maryland. When did you move down here, and how have the different areas influenced your music?
I moved out here almost two years ago, when I was seventeen. I’ve never been too active in any local music scenes. I don’t really like crowds or social events. I feel like with the internet you can reach people on a much larger scale. I enjoy just putting out records and watching new fans familiarize themselves with my music and the movement.

There aren’t that many artists with your sound in the state. With people like Deniro Farrar, Well$, Rapsody, and King Mez at the forefront of Carolina hip-hop, do you feel that you have been overlooked thus far in North Carolina?
I make music because I enjoy doing it. I’ll create no matter who’s listening. If I manage to reach a single person then I did some good.

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Who are some of the artists that influence you? Who would you like to work with in the future?
If I could go back in time I’d record in Da Bassment. Produce records with Devante Swing & Timbaland and write songs with young Static Major. I have a fascination with little-known 90s R&B

Can you elaborate on what ‘Loki’ means and ‘Lost Kids’?
LoKi is short for Lost Kids. I feel like we’re on a constant search for direction. Not just with art, but throughout life, work, and in our relationships. We all need answers. I ask the questions and answer them through my music.

If you could describe your music to a complete stranger what would you say?
I’d tell them to look at something from nature a flower, or the sun. Maybe some water it’s like that.

What are you working on currently? What’s next for Brent Faiyaz?
Just making every song like it’s my last.

A manifesto is a declaration of intents and principles. What is your Artistic Manifesto?
Don’t speak. Just release.