Prohaize – “Destruction” (Video Premiere)


Prohaize‘s video “Destruction” accomplishes a lot in under two minutes. Heavy religious and cultural symbolism can be seen throughout, thanks to director Edward Kofi Minta and his team. Prohaize’s dense lyricism combine with powerful imagery to create a memorable video experience that needs more than one listen to be fully absorbed. The Atlanta native is a man on a mission, speaking candidly about the problems that plague our generation and the historical events that sparked it.

The video itself depicts a beautiful African woman, representative of Mother Nature, holding the world in her hands. The woman’s serene mood is soon shattered, as she is attacked, bound, and restrained by a white man. After her capture, the woman is still alive, but her demeanor and appearance have totally shifted. Her radiant smile and majestic aura are replaced by desperation and drug abuse. No one should need a reminder about the pain that millions of Africans have endured in captivity over centuries, but the video for “Destruction” serves as a powerful visual representation of what happened. We’re proud to premiere “Destruction” today. Watch the video below, and look for Prohaize’s African Born, American Raised album to drop in the very near future..