The Fifth Estate – “Riot” (Premiere)


The word “riot” is particularly incendiary in light of recent incidents in America, but it’s easy to forget that the word has multiple meanings. In general, the word can mean either “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd,” or “an impressively large or varied display of something.” The Fifth Estate‘s “Riot” is more closely linked with the second definition. Using Madvillain‘s “Raid” instrumental, which was originally featured on Madvillainy, the Texas native delivers two free flowing verses filled with creative references and sharp rhyme schemes.

While “Riot” is filled with abstract references, Fifth still takes jabs at Fox News and naysayers throughout his creative narrative. Look for more releases from Fifth in the near future, as he builds towards the release of his forthcoming project. We’re happy to be premiering “Riot” today. Stream “Riot” below, and download via SoundCloud. Also, check out Madvillain’s original track, “Raid,” afterwards.