Mike Strong – “Baby Malicious: The Emergence” (EP Premiere)

baby malicious

Mike Strong is a relatively new name in the Virginia hip-hop scene, but his talent speaks for itself on his newly released EP, Baby Malicious: The Emergence. The Virginia Beach native oozes authentic confidence, charisma and grit throughout the three-track project, which features polished production courtesy of Mura Masa, Soundtrack, Drop Braxton, and Dante Lewis. You can’t ignore Mike’s hunger throughout Baby Malicious. He channels this hunger with precision, telling his story in a captivating, convincing manner.

Mike explains, “Baby Malicious is who I would be as an infant if I came out the womb knowing everything that I know today, as a 23 year old man. Baby Malicious knows all of the things that it took me 23 years to learn through experience. The name was originally inspired by Malice.” Listeners can’t help but notice Clipse’s influence on “The Plan,” thanks to the percussion-heavy, minimalistic instrumental and Mike’s confident, charismatic lyricism. “Costco” is a tense, braggadocios track that descriptively warns the world of Mike’s willingness to eradicate anything in his way. “Baby Malicious Part II” takes a more introspective path, as he talks about some of the changes he’s made within his circle as of late. We’re proud to be premiering Baby Malicious today. Stream Baby Malicious: The Emergence below.

UPDATE: Mike’s got some bigger things planned. “Costco” and “Baby Malicious II” will be released later with a couple of key additions.

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