Conrizzle – “Carolina Waterz” (Premiere)

“All my homies growin up without a father, but we still made it out the Carolina water.”

Conrizzle pays tribute to his birthplace while addressing artists stealing his style with “Carolina Waterz.” His solution to combat unoriginality? Continue to propagate a sound that is undeniably, unmistakably linked to him. He has been doing just that in the past months, as he builds anticipation for the rapidly approaching release of his Eas†ern W∆¥NE ∆LuMn¡ album.  The talented North Carolina native pays homage to his hometown of Goldsboro on this hard-hitting self-produced new cut. I always look forward to new records from Rizzle because of the way that he seamlessly combines his elastic, aggressive delivery with his own iconic production. That’s exactly what happens this time around.

“Carolina Waterz” is menacing and calculated. A menacing sample and Rizzle’s signature heavy percussion create an intimidating aura before any words are even said. We only hear two verses, but to be honest that’s all that we need. Rizzle told me a while back that he got into rapping because no one could flow over his beats the way that he does, and when listening to “Carolina Waterz” it all makes sense. His dynamic, elastic delivery impresses once more today. It has been officially set in stone – Conrizzle’s highly anticipated Eas†ern W∆¥NE ∆LuMn¡ album will debut on July 15th. To pre-order the album, click here. We’re happy to be premiering “Carolina Waterz” today. Stream below.