Album: JuegoTheNinety – “Sonny September”

Sonny September

Baltimore is a unique city, and artists such as JuegoTheNinety are in the middle of bringing their city to life. JuegoTheNinety’s Sonny September is a beautifully and unapologetically dark window into JuegoTheNinety’s life. In regards to his creative process, Juego explains,”I prefer to work on entire bodies of work rather than a song at a time, so that I can create a vivid experience for my listeners,” says Juego. “My process is to continuously recollect things I’ve done, heard, seen, talked about, heard about, thought about, read about, and add a twisted rhyming delivery to it. I like to mix my truths with some fiction and leave it up to the listener to decide what they want to believe about me or what I’m saying.” Stream Sonny September in full below.