Kendrick Lamar – “Sing That Shit” (20 syl Juicy Remix)

Sing That Shit
Remember that one time Kendrick Lamar absolutely destroyed somebody on their own track? What’s that, you need more details? The one from the West Coast. Yeah, The Game. Think back to early 2012, when “The City” dropped. Not only did Kendrick have an impressive chorus, but he absolutely blacked out on the last verse to easily outshine his fellow Compton native. Today, we hear an absolutely incredible re-working of Kendrick’s verse courtesy of electronic producer 20 syl. The verse is actually repeated twice, but with different effects. As many times as I’ve heard a Kendrick Lamar remix in recent years, I have to say that this is one of the best. Stream “Sing That Shit” below. Props to HillyDilly